Electrical Contractors Licence Classes

There a number of difference licence classes which an electrical contractor can hold here in Queensland.

The main licence classes are as follows:

  • Electrical mechanic licence
  • Electrical linesperson licence
  • Electrical fitter licence
  • Electrical jointer licence
  • Restricted electrical work licence
  • Electrical work training permit

More detail on each licence class is detailed below.

Electrical mechanic licence

This is the most common class of licence held by a typical electrician undertaking residential and light commercial work.

The electrical mechanic licence will allow you to undertake work including:

  • Install or change an overhead electrical line.
  • Install electrical wiring.
  • Repair any electrical equipment.

Electrical linesperson licence

The linesperson licence will enable you to undertake the following:

  • Electrical work involved in building or maintaining an overhead electric line.
  • Electrical work in the building or maintenance of an underground electric line.
  • Testing of overhead electric lines.

Electrical fitter licence

The electrical fitter class will licence you for work including:

  • Rewinding and repairing an electric motor
  • Building and assembling a switchboard
  • Maintain/repair electrical equipment.

Electrical jointer licence

This class of licence enables you to perform work relating to the jointing and terminating of electrical cables.

Restricted electrical work licence

The restricted licence allows trades other than electricians to undertake limited electrical work.

Any such work must be considered to be a legitimate part of their role, and not simply a time or money saving measure.

A full list of trades that may fit within this category can be found on the Qld WorkSafe website.  A link to the page can be found at the end of this guide.

Electrical work training permit

This class of licence is for people who are required to undertake electrical work whist being trained.

More information

You can find out more about the type of electrical work allowed under each licence class by clicking here.

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