Certificate of Currency

Certificate of CurrencyWhen applying for or renewing your electrical contractors licence in Qld you will need to supply a certificate of currency for your insurance.

Any insurance company or broker can issue a standard certificate of currency, however the Qld Government have their own special certificate which must be used.

Insurance Certificate Requirements

Aside from using the approved template issued by the Qld Government, there are a number of items the certificate must include.

The certificate of currency must confirm that the policy includes at least $50,000 cover for consumer protection insurance and $5,000,000 for broadform liability insurance.

Furthermore the certificate must contain the following:

  • Your full name or business name as it appears on your licence application or renewal
  • The insurance company you policy is held with
  • Your policy number
  • The expiry date for your policy
  • Your insurance broker’s signature
  • Your insurance broker’s company stamp

The licensing authority will generally accept a scanned or faxed certificate, however in some cases they may request an original certificate.

For more information about the insurance requirements for a Qld electrical contractors licence please speak with your insurance broker.

If your insurance broker is unaware of the requirements and is unable to assist you, we suggest you contact Trade Risk who are located in Brisbane and have a good understanding of the requirements for Queensland electricians.